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From the Principal 29 November

The last week of school always has a feeling of being a little different. There is no avoiding that classes are winding up. The decorations in Junior Years are sadly coming down, but there is anticipation in what will emerge next. Throughout the School, new activities unfold to a different rhythm. 

On Tuesday, we held the Middle and Senior Years Inter-house dance, drama and singing competion. It is huge fun and yet, be in no doubt, it is highly competitive. There are light moments where the spontaneity of rushed practice emerges with a unique and creative artistic moment. Delightfully, these can become the highlight of the entertainment. The light-hearted drama presentations are always a success. While the corny humour is remarkably enjoyable, it still achieves the goal of being successful for audience and performers. The singing allowed more creativity to be revealed. It had the feeling of being more ‘team work’ than ‘choir work’ but every performance was greeted with anticipation by the audience and pride by the performers. The dance presentations had energy, extraordinary group co-ordination and creativity in choreography. Put simply, “it was a great day”.

Speech Day concludes the week. Awards for some, being part of a community that values excellence in many areas for all. There is dignity and style in our final awards day and the values we hold high are not lost on those awarded and all who aspire in life. The message is always that there are many pathways to the development of a personal character that is worthy. While we often measure attainments in life, we really only gain by developing character. It is the challenge for all to accept the personal responsibility to grow and enhance that character. This is a school where the opportunities are many, where there are many versions of success and where the time to start is now.

While school finishes for a while, that is a time to reflect, plan and set ambition. It is time to look forward to future opportunities, set some challenges in areas that are yet to be conquered and define the personal hopes that give energy to life.

Christmas is a time of refreshment. This ought to be obvious to all as we celebrate a godly birth.  It is a time to ‘gift’ with family, and the perfect time to smile inwardly at all that has been achieved. Don’t forget to give credit to the personal growth that will be easy to find (for all) if you are fair in self-reflection. It is also a brilliant time to practice with confidence the giving of a ‘voice’ to your personality. Nothing speaks of love and forgiveness like Christmas. 

Mr Peter Crawley