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From The Principal 28 August 2020

The big event of the week was to conduct the process associated with the selection of the School Captains for 2021. Yes, it is that time of the year!

We started last week with voting from the Year 11 girls. All were invited to consider whether they were interested in the position and a healthy number put themselves forward. Nine girls were asked to present themselves for an interview. They were all very impressive. They all understood the School. They knew the challenge of the role and they had all considered what they hoped to achieve. Articulating their passion was not a problem. Six girls were asked to present to the Middle and Senior girls (and, of course, the staff).

At a special assembly on Wednesday, we were treated to six magnificent speeches. Click here to view speeches. 

Our new Chair of Council attended to get a measure of the talent within the senior student group. The girls listened attentively. Just as well, as the speeches were thoughtful, appropriately emotional, well-directed and required deep thought to decide how to respond. The girls and staff retreated to Tutor Time to cast an opinion on who should be the School Captains for 2021. I spoke with the girls involved on Thursday morning before we gathered the Middle and Senior Schools to announce the decision. There was spontaneous excitement, an urgency for the assembly to finish (so the gathering of excited friends could begin). I noted a reluctance to consider moving to first period. This was borne of the reasonable need to share emotions.

Whenever new leaders are appointed there is the time of celebration. There is sincere fun in the air and this needs to be enjoyed. It is also a time of reflection about what has led to the moment. In this case, the School has been honoured by the hopes of many for the roles involved. The girls have asked to be considered for positions of responsibility before their peers and the staff. Courage has been on display, alongside the maturity of emerging leadership. It would be naive to not recognise that many of our girls are destined to leadership. Some of this leadership will play out at school. Many will find fulfilment in a role after school as they take the confidence of personality and the skills enhanced by education into their future. Our girls are lucky to experience such a good education and the exposure to ‘modelled leadership’. It will be the destiny of most to play a role of significance. They have the opportunity to refine and begin to define their own gifts for leadership while at school.

While this process has now concluded, there are many roles still to be determined. We have been clear to the girls. Put yourself forward for opportunities. Do not wait until you have all that is required for instant success. We lead and learn together. Those in waiting for opportunities should remember this is not a time to vacate the landscape of thinking about leadership. This is the time where you learn by being involved, offer assistance, seek to be useful and embed deeply the values of your education into whatever opportunities are available.

While watching this process unfold I could not have been more proud of the whole school.

Mr Peter Crawley

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