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From The Principal 26 November 2020

Lesson 6: to be authentic you need to liberate yourself from the pressure of always trying to be something else; always trying to be perfect.

All term, I have been wondering what I should choose to be the 2021 theme for Glennie. So many things come to mind but what would be meaningful; what would be relevant and what would the girls remember? 

It became apparent that what matters most to me as an educator is that our girls have a voice and are ‘who they are’. As Kamala Harris says: “I am who I am...and I’m fine with it”. My lessons on authenticity also reflect this, but me saying it and the girls doing it are two different things. To be authentic in this digital age it is clear that one needs to “Be Brave”, so just like that, my theme for 2021 was revealed.

Pleasingly, our virtual guest speaker at our spectacular Middle and Senior Years Speech Day was Glennie Old Girl and London-based physicist, Bryony Lanigan, who was channeling my thoughts exactly when she spoke to the girls about being yourself; don’t be put in a box and don’t judge others. Her words, “To be all you can be, you first need to be brave” rang so true.

Glennie girls are authentic, but just in case they are unsure of the lessons on how to be so, here is a recap:

  1. Do not be afraid to be who you are;
  2. Be interested in others;
  3. Put others at ease;
  4. Live in the moment;
  5. Do not be arrogant or selfish;
  6. Be genuine and real;
  7. Liberate yourself from the pressure of always trying to be something else; always trying to be perfect.

As I finish my first term as The Glennie School’s fourteenth Principal, I reflect on what a wonderful school I have the privilege of leading. I also look forward and know that 2021 is going to be the best year yet and full of strategic development. 

Lots to do and lots to tell, however, until then, as we prepare for Christmas, may these weeks be times of grace, peace and coming together. I trust that the holidays ahead are a period of rest, relaxation, reflection and safe travel for all. With every blessing and best wish for the summer holiday; Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and whatever 2021 throws at us, let’s “Be Brave” together.  

Ms Mary Anne Evans

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