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From The Principal 22 May 2020

At the end of this week, I feel a strong sense of excitement. This is about both the week that has passed and the week that is to come. 

The past few weeks of the iLoveGlennieSchooling off-campus program has been fascinating from the perspective of the School. This is the longest period of sustained delivery of an off-campus educational program I have experienced. The scale of the program far surpassed any previous experience we had. Possibly, during the school close-downs of the 1919 flu season and the school closures at the time of the polio epidemic in the early 1950s there may have been an historically longer period of closure, but I strongly suspect that this time, we have had more significant aspirations for our educational program. 

Clearly, the perception of the possible has changed. Technology has played a key role in creating our vision for what we thought to be the sensible path. Nevertheless, there was a gap between what we theoretically thought was achievable and what we had experience in providing. I can think of no comparable educational program that has gone from design/construct to implementation as fast as the recent off-campus program. It was simply breathtaking. For the success of the recent weeks, I thank staff, girls and parents. There have been so many who have played a role in the success of the recent experience. It has been worthy of a TV documentary to talk to the girls about the experience. It has been fascinating to daily watch the girls who have attended school to complete the off-campus program. The equanimity with which they have focussed on the daily tasks has been noticeable. The sincerity of their application has been clear. Their mutual support for each other has been spontaneous. Frankly, we want to preserve some of these moments as they have a significant place in the way we go forward from here. 

Now to the week ahead. In the simplest of terms, it will be great to have everyone back! I know there will be a few missing, and for those, they should fear not. We will be in touch. Yet there is no escape from the reality that Monday will be exciting.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Peter Crawley