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From The Principal 20 November 2020

Lesson 5:  Authentic people live in the ‘moment’. They are living their passion and sharing it with others. They know well that life must be lived and experienced one situation at a time. When we are in their presence we know it too, for we vibrate with their energy. 

I definitely followed Lesson 5 on authenticity this week! After freshly playing the Staff vs Student Netball Match on Thursday afternoon, I felt that I was “experiencing one situation at a time”. The game was hard-fought, however, the students were much too good on the day and in the end, netball was the winner. What the game did highlight was the wonderful spirit and camaraderie with all girls and staff. Thank you to the Sports Committee for organising such a fabulous event.

This week saw the final farewell for the 2020 Year 12 cohort, or as one parent expressed it “The Festival Of Girls”. From Father/Daughter Bowling - with the most extraordinary costumes - to the Mother/Daughter Breakfast; the Glennie Old Girls Association Mocktails; the Glennie Formal - with the most beautifully dressed young women; culminating in the Valedictory Eucharist and Senior Graduation, the Year 12s were certainly farewelled in style and must simply be exhausted (and I suspect the parents are as well). It was a lovely finale to the end of their secondary academic careers and these young women of Glennie are poised to take on the next adventure of their lives.

The theme of my Valedictory Address to the girls was “Never Give Up”. In 1946, Oxford University invited the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, to give the first Valedictory Address after World War II. Churchill was renowned for his speeches. Most of his speeches were lengthy, however, on this occasion it comprised only nine words, all the more remarkable because there were only three words, so important to Churchill that he repeated them three times. His advice….”Never give up; never give up; never give up”. Imagine that, a Valedictory Address of nine words! Whilst the girls, parents and staff sat in hope that this too would be mine, they were sadly disappointed - whilst British Prime Ministers can, at times be brief, it is an unfortunate curse of a principal, never to be so.

As next week is also poised to be full of excitement and happenings, I hope you all manage to get some rest on the weekend in preparation for the final school week in 2020. I look forward to seeing you all at the Junior Years and the Middle and Senior Years Speech Days, next Thursday.

With every good wish and blessing.

Ms Mary Anne Evans