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– Be Connected. –

From The Principal 20 March 2020

Well, by any standards it has been an interesting week. The things we have been required to think about (the impact of COVID-19 on our school) and the subsequent options for our school programs have taken us to solutions that have required new thinking. The rapidly unfolding nature of events has made the usual desire to feel absolute certainty about plans seem rather silly. We have become (by necessity) adept at responding to new realities and eagerly willing to consider new options. Some have required being quite creative. 

There is a little irony in the observation that, for years, we have talked about preparing the next generation to be flexible and adaptable to new ways of learning and working together. To be frank, we did not think the truth of that future would appear quite so rapidly.

As we have been forced to change programs and inevitably cancel some of the sport, music and activities program, the reaction of the girls has been one of sincere disappointment. An entirely reasonable response (and we share the frustration). Simultaneously, I have encountered no-one who does not understand the need, the inherent dilemmas and the good sense of searching for the best solution in the face of events that sit beyond the expected.

I am immensely proud of the staff who have (to a person) been supportive, creative and highly collegial as they prepare to deliver curriculum by alternate means. I am proud of the response from the girls. I thank the parents for the trust you have shown in the School.

We chose the ILoveGlennieSchooling tag because we feel it reflects the deep identification staff and girls have with their school, and we want all girls to be connected to the emotional enjoyment they get daily from the School while they continue to connect remotely. There will be challenges...this is undeniable. Yet, I think we have the capacity to be remarkably successful with the new approach. We start with staff who remain clear about what they want to achieve as educators, and the girls willing to join with us because they want to continue their education! We share a joint commitment to make a success of the path ahead.

As we had cancelled the Middle and Senior School chapel yesterday, we thought the girls would enjoy a fun activity on the oval. From the idea of having a ‘line dance’ we pondered having a chapel and an Easter celebration linked to the dancing. After all, Easter is about celebrating life and the love of our God. It all seemed to make so much sense! We could share an Easter egg dance (a new concept for most) and make an essential concept of our faith real, by living the joy.  You might like to see the short video of the event. It will certainly be an Easter service they will remember, and I believe a ‘love of life’ message should always be capable of putting a smile on the face of all.

Click here to view the video

I have looked at the early work done by the staff of the Junior Years this morning on the ILoveGlennieSchooling site, and I must say I am impressed. I think it will work for all ages of girls. That said, as the week unfolds it will be good to hear from girls and parents. 

In the meantime, I look forward to the week ahead. We bring a ‘love of life’ to all challenges.

Mr Peter Crawley