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From the Principal 19 July

Please join me in welcoming new staff members Madame Gaelle Garrier (French Immersion and French), Mr Craig Harris (Maths) and Mrs Oksana Shevchenko  (Teacher Aide). We trust that you will be very happy as part of the Glennie family.

This term we welcome back Mrs Lynda Shapcott (MSY Visual Art), Mrs Cynthia Armstrong (JY Art), Mrs Nel Jones (Senior English) and Ms Sue Reynolds (Year 7 Science). 

On Monday, all Glennie parents received an email from the Chair of Council stating that I would be leaving The Glennie School at the end of 2019.

This was not a decision made lightly, and certainly not something I was seeking. When approached I was initially hesitant to even get into discussions, but the challenge of a much bigger school, the fact that Glennie is in a really good place ready to soar, and the temptation of being close to family all played into my decision-making process.

It was with mixed emotions that I addressed the staff and students separately about my decision. Below is a summary of what I said to the girls:

Yesterday I emailed you with the news that I am leaving at the end of the year. Thank you so much to those who sent me messages, it is always very heart warming to receive these, particularly at a time like this.

I had mentioned that I was sad and a bit fearful, so many of you may be wondering why I am doing this. Why would someone choose to do something that makes them sad and nervous. The answer is not complicated. I have always urged you to take on challenges in order to learn and grow. These would not be challenges if they were easy. I read a quote the other day, ‘There is no growth in your comfort zone and no comfort in your growth zone’. The point is, in order to grow and develop we have to move out of our comfort zone.

Glennie has become my comfort zone and it’s a zone where I love to hang out. In fact I was certainly not anticipating moving out of this zone for a long while, but now is when the opportunity arose. That’s the thing with opportunity - it never knocks at the right time!

I am leaving at a time when the School is in a good place and poised to fly even higher. I am so disappointed that I will not be here to see the current Year 11s all the way through the new Senior Curriculum - I know you will soar. With the amount of time, energy and effort you are putting into your studies with your teachers guiding you on the way the only option is success.

I am pleased that I will be here to see the current Yr 12s through the last ever QCS - we know that the OP tertiary entrance system at Glennie will go out with a bang, with this dedicated group of Year 12s.

But now, now let's look to the next six months and all they hold. We have much to do.

Abraham Maslow said, “In any given moment we have two options: To step forward into growth or step back into safety”. These words sum up the ideal of a growth mindset, which I so strongly advocate. I am choosing, with some trepidation, to step forward into growth. The growth that I have experienced since joining Glennie has been exponential, no more so than the insight I have developed into the ways and nature of people.

As a community we have accomplished much during the past two and a half years and I thank every one of you who has been part of this team. Please indulge me while I list a few of what we have done together over the past few years and why I feel confident that I will be leaving Glennie in a position to continue to fly upwards to rightfully take its place amongst the top schools in Queensland.

  • We have identified and embraced the four core Glennie values
  • We have developed and implemented, as a community of staff and Council, the current strategic plan
  • The restructure of Senior Leadership Team to including the new roles of  Deputy, Dean of Teaching and Learning, Dean of Students and Assoc. Dean of Staff
  • The introduction of the role of HR Manager allowing all recruitment and appointment processes to be centralised and streamlined
  • The restructure of Heads of Department (from MY and SY HODs to MSY HODs)
  • The creation and implementation of the new Pedagogical Framework
  • The training for, preparation and implementation of the new Senior Curriculum. Glennie has been recognised for the fine work that we are doing in this area and top performing schools in the greater Brisbane area have reached out and requested we share what we have done. Tonia Gloudemans and her team have excelled in what they have and are producing.
  • The creation and initial implementation of the Performance and Development Cycle for Teachers and Appraisal Process for Non-teachers
  • Reviews of various areas of the School such as:
    • Learning Support and its subsequent restructure
    • Boarding
    • The Arts and their subsequent restructure
    • Whole school review resulting in our engagement in a Self Improving Schools program
    • Finance and non-teaching administration processes
    • Enrolment processes
  • We restructured the school day to facilitate the new Senior Curriculum and  have alignment of the day across the whole school 
  • The introduction of a student activities program 
  • The introduction of the staff professional development program
  • There have been a number of new appointments over the past couple of years.  The welcoming and professional nature of our community has helped the likes of Kate Harris transition not only into a new school, but a new system seamlessly and successfully. The Junior Years has continued functioning smoothly and is going from strength to strength under Kate’s leadership as she builds on Steve Warren’s legacy
  • As you all know there have been phenomenal changes in boarding under Donna’s leadership over the past few months, not least of which are the academic support and vibrant activities programs available to students
  • Sports, Performance and the psychological care of our girls are second to none under the leadership of Lou Holly, Jayne Davidson and Colleen Otto and all of those who form a part of their teams and have supported them as they took on these challenging roles
  • We have introduced the subjects of Dance and Agricultural Science (and created an ag plot)
  • We have Introduced  AFL and Rugby 7s
  • Jodi Blades, the Heads Of Houses and Junior Years staff have ensured the successful implementation of a schoolwide Pastoral Care program, the MSY SRC has been created and the selection process for school captains has been restructured
  • We have built a magnificent three court sports centre overseen by Jason Hockaday
  • All staff and students have been involved in the introduction of daily morning prayers and a social Justice program under Rev Sharon’s guidance

All in our community have contributed to where Glennie is now. I thank you for your ongoing support, I thank the Senior Leadership Team for their leadership of the School and for their regular counsel. I thank the School Council, who, under the leadership of Elizabeth Gillam, have trusted, supported and often provided me with sage advice particularly in areas of governance.

I am still here for six months and will not become lax during that time as we continue to implement all we have created. I am dedicated to ensuring that Glennie continues to soar in terms of providing an environment where girls can be all they can be.

Mrs Kim Cohen