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From the Principal 15 Nov

This has been a week of farewells, services and celebration events. It has also been leading to the final moments in the delivery of the academic program.  For those studying the last assessment area, it is important to stress at home that success comes from a plan of study and focus at school that results in understanding. At school, the effective student enters class with the intent to learn and exits having mastered the day's activity. Many years ago a student repeating Year 12 told me that the difference between his first attempt and his repeat year was that during his first attempt, he left the classroom telling himself that he would "work out his problems later at home". In his second attempt, he always ensured he understood before he left the classroom. He admitted this made him appear 'pushy' but he was reconciled to the label because it delivered the success he sought. While it can be entirely possible that there are legitimate reasons for not understanding work that is being covered, I was always conscious with my own children to ask "was I being prepared for a poor result" by the early declaration of 'problems'. I always pointed out that the best place for solutions that would lead to success (not an excuse) was before the assessment began. Today, the Academic Assembly celebrated the many who had excelled with their study. It clearly is our aim that all will develop the skills and resilience to feel the pride of achieving excellence.

The farewells this week have been a delight to have been part of. The Year 6 graduation was fun, dignified and rewarding for the girls. All graduated with a smile and were proud as they walked across the stage. The choir performed with energy, accompanied by one of the class playing guitar with flair and keeping the rhythm for all. The speeches worked, the evening was sociable and the pride evident. 

The celebrations for the Year 12 girls included the first Reflection Service. The girls were allocated 30 seconds each to summarize the feelings they had about leaving school. The girls accepted the challenge. They were thoughtful, but most of all, they allowed their deepest emotions to be displayed. They told their personal story. They supported each other when the emotions overwhelmed a friend. The parents who attended saw clearly the deep meaning that each took from the act of 'casting-back' to ponder the importance of their educational journey to-date. By contrast, that night, was the Father-Daughter Bowling. There was bowling, costumes and an abundance of cheery bonding. The next morning was the Mother-Daughter breakfast. This had a stylish feel created by both the fashion and the venue. Both events clearly have a special place in the tradition of graduating from the School. For the boarders, the night finished with the annual Christmas Dinner. It was a day to remember! Last night was Formal Night (always to be remembered) and today saw the final celebrations for the Year 12s in the Valedictory Eucharist.  So the excitement continues...

Mr Peter Crawley