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From The Principal 14 May 2021

Lesson 4 - Responsibility - Be a leader, not a follower.

Kerr maintains that “leaders create leaders by passing on responsibility, creating ownership, accountability and trust.” Graham Henry, All Blacks coach, maintained that their management felt that they “had to transfer the leadership from senior management members to the players ……. they play the game and they have to do the leading on the field. The traditional “you and them” became “us”.”

This concept of shared responsibility leading to shared ownership is a powerful tool. I witnessed this exact concept last night at the 19th Rankin Leaders’ Dinner. Glennie, through the fantastic Rankin Committee, hosted over 100 people - student leaders; principals; and deputy principals - in a forum that brought the Toowoomba regional school community together to discuss, network and spend time focussing on what leadership is.

Our guest speaker, Ms Wendy Machin has led a long and colourful career in politics. Her pragmatic speech to the students revolved around: don’t ever miss an opportunity, but don’t be afraid not to take one if it is not the right one; take calculated risks; back yourself and work to make a difference. Wendy’s bio is attached for your reference.

Of course, this dinner would not exist if it weren’t for Mrs Ashley-Cooper’s vision some 19 years ago and the legacy left by the extraordinary Glennie Old Girl, Dame Annabelle Rankin. 

Annabelle Rankin was a prefect at The Glennie Memorial School (as it was then known) in 1925. During World War Two, Annabelle Rankin was Assistant Commissioner for the YWCA and was in charge of welfare work for the women's services.

After the war, she organised Junior Red Cross in Queensland and was then elected to the Senate in 1946, as a Liberal: the first Queensland woman to enter Federal Parliament. 

She was twice re-elected to the Senate.

In 1957, she received a knighthood, becoming a Dame of the British Empire. From 1966 to 

1971, Dame Annabelle Rankin served as Housing Minister: she was the first woman to hold Federal ministry. In addition, she was Liberal Party Whip, the first female Government Whip in any British Parliament.  In 1971, she was appointed High Commissioner to New Zealand, the first Australian woman entitled to be called "Her Excellency" in her own right, and not just as a courtesy.

I wonder how many more Dame Rankin’s will evolve from a Glennie education? Plenty is my guess.

With every blessing for the week ahead.

Click here to view Wendy’s bio.

Ms Mary Anne Evans