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From The Principal 14 February

The week has passed with the usual business. The P&F meeting again highlighted the productive work by many parents, building our community and helping the School with funds that directly benefit the education of the girls. Their loyalty, support and commitment is a blessing to the School.

Assessments have started to become the reality for many girls. Some cope with ease but, inevitably, some dislike this aspect of school. However, assessment cannot be avoided. For what it is worth, I will offer the following advice: There is always a better outcome if the girls have personal control over, and commitment to, their own organisation. Those who seek help early are more likely to find success. Some years ago I asked a student who was repeating Year 12 what was different in their approach the second time around. The response has stayed with me. It was, “the first time through I would leave class and tell myself I would work the uncertainties out later. The second time I was determined to ask enough questions to understand before I left the classroom”. They did mention some found the approach annoying. On that, I am positive he was wrong.  Another great way to really learn something is to teach it to another. So, if relationships will allow, see what can be done at home to add to the deep understanding of difficult topics.

During the week our Middle and Senior Assembly focussed on celebrating the success of our graduates from last year. Eight girls from the class of 2019 returned to the School to tell the assembled about how they had achieved their goals. The common thread was focus and organisation. Their goals were personal and they aimed high. The message was clear. Do not sabotage your future by failing to define what you want. Good intent requires action to generate results. The stories the girls told were inspiring and spoke to all about the strength of the Glennie culture, where girls can achieve because they invest in their character.

The music camp will be a highlight for many this weekend. These camps bring wonderful stories of bonding that feed the enjoyment of school.

Mr Peter Crawley