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From The Principal 12 June 2020

The term has settled into a gentle pattern of ‘close to normal’. The Junior Years ‘drop-off’ system seems to have developed into a smooth experience and the girls are gaining by the personal greeting they receive every morning followed by the ‘walk of independence’ they have as they establish themselves for the start of the day. The atmosphere in the classrooms across the School seems to be calm, and bear in mind that assessments from new work are now well advanced. There is always a little tension when assessments are due. Some just love handing in their work. It is a time to revel in the pride they feel. Others are apprehensive. They dislike the challenge that an assessment brings. Yet, it is all part of the rhythm of a school. Resilience grows in waves for some. For others, it is a steady line of (mostly) onward and upwards. There are others who are highly emotional about the journey. We are thankful for our parents who provide wisdom and support for the needs that are the story of each girl. 

On Thursday, I stumbled (by good fortune) into a music rehearsal of the Jazz Ensemble. It has been some time since we heard the practice of the music groups. They have been a victim of the restrictions we have all shared in the recent COVID world. While this has been entirely understandable, it was nonetheless a delight to see the energy that was going into the rehearsal. It was even better to hear it! I have heard some say that they fear the girls will “be behind where we would expect” because of the loss of the time to practise. Hearing the girls, I decided that the deprivation of time together had delivered a significant determination to enjoy the experience. It was simply exciting to hear them, and to watch the performance told me that they will be better than ‘just fine’. They are already showing real talent and clearly enjoying the music. Their energy was bursting through in their performance, well-done girls Lauren Baryla, Lily Bragg, Genevieve Dean, Celine Dixon, Rebecca George, Emily Lawrence, Bella Lilford, Lucy Nicholls, Emily Rattray, Charlotte Twidale.

I think this is going to be the lesson from the year. There was (a couple of months ago) some concern that the students of this year were going to miss some of the educational progress that would normally be expected. It is fair to say they have missed some of the moments of fun that would be part of the journey. However, as time unfolds I am certain that they will rise to the heights that were expected of them at the start of the year. There should be optimism that talent will (as it always tends to) find its way to shine and, of course, grow. Coronavirus will not stop the musical talent of the girls. No off-campus time or on-campus assessment task will really daunt the emergence of academic talent. The personality of the girls will guide them to achieve all of the hope we held for them at the start of the year. Our school culture (and parent support) is too strong for there to be any other outcome.

In short it has been a great week.

Mr Peter Crawley