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From The Principal 11 September 2020

The reviews from the Junior Years musical, it was wonderful! It had not been a straight-forward production to create. COVID regulations were an ever-present partner in the weeks before. In rehearsal, they were strict in limiting the usual strategies. There was no normal that could be used to prepare for the opening performance. Yet the audiences were united in praise for the musical. There was delight at the performances and pride in the quality. One of our School Council members, Stewart Sherrington, said: 

“Wow, wow, wow we absolutely loved it!!! The dance, costumes, music and stage production was brilliant. We had to keep asking ourselves that this was the work of young junior girls not senior children, that was the quality of the production. The maturity and confidence of those girls was amazing, take a bow, you must be proud.

Please extend our thanks and admiration to your team that planned and organised the production, I can’t imagine how much work that they must have put into it.

We have been telling all of our friends and family of the wonderful evening that we had.”

This week has been one where many have enjoyed a test or an exam. I use the word ‘enjoy’ purposefully because that should be the aim. I am disappointed when I see hype about the stress testing creates. I like the media but it can be an easy story to feature the stories of difficulty associated with testing. It really should not be like that! Exams are not like days-gone-by where the intent was “to find out what you do not know”. Modern tests are created with one intent. They want to discover what you know. They do not set out to trick.

It is a little late to set out advice on how to best prepare. The challenge now is to debrief when the results arrive. If the results are better than expected then it is easy to know how to respond. Although, I do remember the parent berating their child in front of me for only getting 99.5%. Sadly, they were serious.

If the results disappoint and the unexpected is the new reality, then thoughtful comments are essential. In these circumstances, it is unlikely that no reaction is appropriate. Needless to say, over reaction is always wrong. The difference can be tricky to determine but sensible responses are usually based on advice on how to move forward. Possible advice is not the best ‘medicine’ in the immediate response. Imposed advice rarely works. Advice that worked in other settings (for other people) or referencing your best personal ‘tips’ can fall on deaf ears. Mutually working through the best solution involves reasoned conversation. It should go without saying that emotions should be under control. Threats, bribery or deprivation are rarely motivating. Creating a path to better results is usually a conversation that matures in depth over time. These conversations can open up a better understanding of ambition and dreams. That is surely a prerequisite for better planning.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Peter Crawley