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From The Principal 11 June 2021

Lesson 8 - Preparation – practice under pressure with intensity and clarity. Focus on technique, increase intensity and add pressure – then reduce pressure, intensity and refocus on technique. Training should be harder than the game. In training ‘throw problems and unexpected events at people, forcing them to solve the problems’. Train for intensity, ‘don’t stop for mistakes’ but maintain momentum and seek to retain advantage. 

Quoting Muhammad Ali: ‘the fight is won or lost, far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road’. Seek not a ‘Red Head’ – ‘heated, overwhelmed, intense’ – but remain on task with a ‘Blue Head’ – with ‘clarity, situational awareness, accurate analysis and good decision-making under pressure’.

In light of our examination schedule; Andrew’s Cup participation; Mary Poppins rehearsals and the many, many other things occurring throughout the School, Lesson 8 - Preparation seems a natural finish to this term’s eNews from me. Preparation is the one thing that is in our individual control; it is the one thing that we are individually responsible for and it is the one thing that no amount of external motivation can shift if our individual intrinsic passion/drive/determination is not there. Preparation takes the guesswork out of performance and it is up to us - how empowering. This is a wonderful strength to exercise in all aspects of life.

So far the lessons from James Kerr have been: 1. Character; 2. Adapt; 3. Purpose; 4. Responsibility; 5. Learn; 6. Whanau; 7. Expectations; 8. Preparation.

As we are all embracing the change in weather; mourning the Qld State of Origin loss and looking forward to the upcoming break, may I wish you every blessing and all the very best as you spend time with your daughters and families over the holidays.

Ms Mary Anne Evans