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– Be Connected. –

From the Principal 1 Nov

At the start of the week, I had the pleasure of attending my first music night. Choral and Strings were performing and receiving awards. After listening to the performers, I am positive the awards were well deserved. The quality was superb and I was delighted that I could say this, as the pieces selected to perform were challenging.

As I drove home, I noticed how much better I felt after what had been a night of absolute entertainment. While watching, I appreciated that the girls performing were having fun in addition to the obvious concentration. I would simply encourage all to not miss the next night when you have the opportunity to be part of such a joyful musical performance.

This week begins the final count-down for the senior year of girls. Yesterday, we held the Mock Assembly. Traditionally, this is the time where the girls have the chance to select some ‘light-hearted’ moments from the staff and school foibles to amuse (certainly themselves and we always hold out hopes that we join in the humour). These assemblies usually have times when we are surprised at what they have managed to find amusing, but these assemblies also mark one of the challenges that all have in life and workplace. How to connect the emotions that emerge as we depart. These are inevitably a mix of: the serious thoughts, the deep feelings, the exciting opportunities ahead, some apprehensive emotions, and of course humour is in the mix. In this case, they experiment with wit, timing, performance before an audience and sustaining relationships as you move to new stages. These are all part of life and the joy of school is we get to practice with friends.

I hope all enjoy the weekend and I am happy to include some rain in mine.

Mr Peter Crawley