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From The Principal (1) (1)

Yesterday and today we celebrated International Women’s Day at the School. Over the years, this day has generated some inspirational moments. Ideas are highlighted, stories told to inspire, and often they provide a map to the future. I commend the YouTube clip “Malala: Feminism is not complicated” as an activity you might like to watch as a family. I also like the site (click here to view). This gives some thoughtful ideas that might provoke a valuable discussion at home. The whole family can contribute.

Perhaps this time of year is a moment to ‘audit’ your “lived experience” to see if there are any areas worthy of discussion to consider whether an attitude of equality is the reality of your experience. Noticing and then discussing the everyday of life can be a way to start conversations about what are really big ideas. Things I notice include: is the daughter in the family always relegated to the back seat in the car (rather than the son), are the girls taught to greet others with a handshake, are the girls given equal time to pursue sport and do they get family watching (equal time with a brother can be important to consider), ... and the questions can continue in your family audit. The exercise of a family audit of these matters may be wonderfully affirming. The audit may show some areas worth aiming for different outcomes. 

Enjoy the conversations. They are the lifeblood of great families.

Mr Peter Crawley