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– Be Connected. –

From The Deputy Principal 19 June 2020

Last month I read an uplifting article from the Macquarie Business School about seven positive opportunities that have emerged from the COVID-19 global pandemic; possibilities that could have a long-term impact on our planet and humanity. They include environmental rejuvenation, peace, connectedness, innovation, corporate responsibility, reimagined education and gratefulness.

This seventh opportunity – gratitude – is a gift that has also emerged from the iLoveGlennieSchooling experience. Over the term, we have been keen to examine the positive and negative aspects of remote learning as experienced by our teachers and students. In this edition of eNews, I would like to share some perspectives under this theme of gratitude.

From students in the Middle and Senior Years:

‘I really value my friendships with girls here at school as well as the friendships I have at home.’ 

‘I now realise how important student-teacher connections are. I actually need teachers a lot more than I thought.’

‘I’m very grateful for my Glennie education and for what I have here. I will no longer be taking school for granted!’

From teachers in the Middle and Senior Years:

‘I have a better understanding of how people work differently. Some people shone in this approach, and others really struggled. While we know this as teachers, it was that chance to really see students’ strengths in the online approach.’

‘I truly appreciated how conscientious all my students were. Yes, it was challenging; yes, we saw each other less frequently and some experienced internet issues. However, they all made such a great effort to remain engaged and motivated.’

‘During iLoveGlennieSchooling I called parents a lot, and I also called other teachers a lot. This took time, but I think that it helped me to know and understand the families that I serve and the people who I work with.’

‘What was nice, was feeling that I was trusted as a professional to support teaching and learning from home.’

The gift of gratitude is the gift of being present – of noticing the people around you, the blessings in your life, the support that is available and the things that make a community special. For all members of the Glennie community, a sense of gratefulness can help us see the love and care that is evident in our everyday interactions. It can help us stop and notice the student, friend, teacher or colleague who might need our help. It can help us see the good and the possibilities in every situation, even when that situation is disappointing or challenging. It can connect us with each other and allow us to experience the love and beauty that is our school culture.

As Term 2 comes to an end, I can emphatically say I am grateful for the trust, resilience and optimism of parents and students, for the thoughtful and conscientious work of our dedicated staff, and for the opportunity to re-energise and refresh for Term 3. 

Ms Tonia Gloudemans
Deputy Principal - Head of Curriculum