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– Be Connected. –

From The Deputy Principal 14 February

Every year around this time, I am blessed with the opportunity to meet new and prospective parents. Invariably I probe the reasons as to why they have or are about to select Glennie as the school of choice for their daughter. Because they are new, more often than not, the answer is ‘because it feels right’.

What exactly defines this gut decision? What is Glennie’s true value? Why do staff and students give their discretionary effort, energy and best work? Why is it that parents routinely volunteer to support school programs and opportunities? What is it that connects us all and gives reason to our passion and loyalty? What is it about Glennie’s purpose that speaks to parents, students and staff so emotionally that they want to bring that mission to life?

The mission of an organisation is like the character of a person. It is who you are. It is how you show up, how you behave, what you stand for and what you will fight for. It’s not something you change when it suits you. It’s not something you adapt from time to time. As a school, we can change our program offerings and we can pivot our business strategy and our marketing. However, our mission is stable. It is the “why” that provides solidity and continuity for the entire Glennie community.

So, what is this purpose that just ‘feels right’?

Glennie’s purpose is to provide girls with dynamic opportunities in education, training and personal growth which develop their individual potential and prepare them for life. Every Glennie staff member and parent can connect with this desire to provide dynamic opportunities. It is the contribution we make to the lives of Glennie girls, in order for them to reach their potential.

The contribution part—to provide dynamic opportunities —is what connects us. It brings focus and direction to the impact we want to have on the lives of all Glennie girls.

This is why opportunities such as the French Immersion Program, the Strings program, the after school Ballet, Music and Sporting programs, to name a few, are so important. It is also why committees such as the Parents and Friends’ Association and the Glennie Fair committee are so significant to the life of the School. Our contribution connects us as a community because it allows us to nurture each and every Glennie Girl to become ‘All She Can Be®.”

Thus, if you aren’t already doing so, I encourage you to consider how you can become involved in providing dynamic opportunities for your daughter and other Glennie girls at the School – either formally via a committee or in a volunteering role, or informally on a needs-basis, such as helping at the Glennie Fair. It is uplifting, rewarding and ultimately, our purpose!

Ms Tonia Gloudemans
Deputy Principal - Head of Curriculum