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– Be Connected. –

From The Chaplain 29 January 2021

Our Senior Class of 2021 were officially blessed and badged this morning; charged with the privilege and honour of leading the student body in 2021. Bishop Cameron Venables challenged the seniors and the whole school community to embrace creativity this year. 

The Principal’s Charge was delivered by Ms Mary Anne Evans, who encouraged each senior girl to: “lead always by the highest standard, living lives that set an example for all women of Glennie. Set yourselves very high personal standards of presentation, courtesy and respect for others. Your task is to lead the School in such a way that every member of the Glennie family feels welcome, accepted, cared for and encouraged to be All She Can Be®.

Choose to hold on strongly to what is loyal, brave and true. Respect our culture. Use your initiative. Take responsibility. Be confident and positive. Do not be afraid to lead, to encourage and to show the way. Remember you have worth and value, just because you are you. Remember that every other person has worth and value, too. Embrace challenges and do not be afraid of adversity, for these things make us stronger. Be willing to accept help, but avoid taking the easy way out.

May you lead with wisdom and with love, offering your skills freely in the service of your school and working together as one harmonious team.”

In response, our School Captains, Kari Donaldson and Sandra Miller, shared the following story: “A woman started climbing a mountain, she met someone who told her what they saw at the summit. The woman leaves enthralled by the stranger’s descriptions but put off by the effort the climb required. She meets another person, who gives her a better description of the mountain, but their journey was just as hard as the first. She continued walking and met a group of travellers. All of them had a strenuous journey, but luckily one of the travellers had taken several photos of the mountain’s peak. She asked the traveller is she could buy the pictures so she did not have to climb the mountain herself. The traveller accepted her offer and the woman left. Never climbing the mountain, never seeing the sights that it had to behold. 

Why did the woman not persevere and climb the mountain? Was it because she discovered she didn’t like hiking? Was she too lazy? Was she satisfied with the photos? Was it really her mountain to climb? That’s for you to decide.

Sandra and Kari challenged all of us to consider our own individual journeys, the highs and the struggles, and the opportunity we have of travelling together: As Year 12s, we all officially encounter the leadership slope, each unique to all of us, for leadership is as rare as the fingerprints that take the reigns. And that is our strength. That we are blessed with an incredible assortment of unique and bold leaders who can extend and support us in ways yet to be discovered. Leading with courage, justice, humour, compassion, humility, fun, and empathy. We’ve walked for many years and today officially we begin the home stretch with the Glennie family cheering us on. So what do we do now? We must lift up our eyes upon this new dawn, give birth to new dreams, be brave enough to face new mountains, climb to new heights and inspire those around us to the same… So as we ascend closer to our individual heights, the horizon leaps forward, crisp clean air offering a space for all of use ot place new steps filled with celebration and marked with endless positive potential propelling us to be all we can be as we climb our mountains.” 

Our service concluded with the Blessing of the Whole Person and Bishop Cam leading us in singing a Blessing to each other. May these words of blessing encourage and inspire you as we begin the 2021 school year together.

God our creator, you have made each one of us in every part.

Bless us through and through, that we may delight to serve you to the full.

Bless our eyes, that we may discern the beauty you give.

Bless our ears, that we may hear you in the music of sounds.

Bless our sense of smell, that your fragrance may fill our being.

Bless our lips, that we may speak your truth, and sing your joy.

Bless our hands, that they may play and write as you guide them.

Bless our feet, that they may be messengers of your peace.

Bless our imagination, that we may be fired with wonder in your truth.

Bless our heart, that it may be filled with your love.

Bless us through and through, that we may delight to serve you to the full,

May God's blessing, inspire and sustain you throughout this year,

in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

A photo gallery of this morning’s event can be viewed here.


Rev’d Sharon Mitchell