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From The Chaplain 12 March 2021

On Thursday, 11 March we marked the Multi-Faith Day of Action on the Climate Crisis. In the Middle and Senior Years Assembly, the Cultural Committee captains, Emma Donald and Julianna Soriano outlined the purpose of the day and the need for change across the world to tackle the climate crisis. This year’s theme is “Sacred People, Sacred Earth”. 

The girls spoke about the disproportionate effect that climate change and natural disaster have on marginalised groups, giving the example of rising sea levels and the resulting loss of usable land in the Torres Strait Islands. 

Our Anglican Archbishop, Phillip Aspinall invited all Anglicans to join in this response to the impact of the climate crisis and to read and sign the statement connected to the day. This can be found at Further information on the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change can be found at

The Glennie community is invited to reflect on ways in which we can each contribute to lessen the impact of human activity on our environment, how we can support sustainable living practices and ways in which we can advocate for change in policy and direction in order to care for our earth.

I offered the following prayer at assembly written by Caritas Australia:

God of Creation,

You created night and day. You separated the sea from the sky.

You gave life to all living creatures and saw that it was good.

Help us to reconnect with the majesty of your creation.

God of Love,

Fill us with your love for all creation.

Empty us of apathy, selfishness and fear.

Inspire us to live simply and in harmony with creation.

Help us to be good stewards, caring for all creation with self-sacrificing and nurturing love.

God of Compassion,

Breathe into us solidarity with all who suffer now

and the future generations who will suffer

because of our environmental irresponsibility.

Help us to put people before profit and 'being' before 'having'.

God of Justice,

Empower us to work together as one global community, 

To find creative and just solutions to protect those most vulnerable in our world, and all of creation for future generations.

Move us into action for climate justice and to restore your creation.


The Rev’d Sharon Mitchell