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From The Chaplain 1 April 2021

With the unexpected end to Term 1, many are feeling a little dejavu from this time one year ago. This can bring feelings of apprehension and uncertainty and remind us of the ups and downs of the last 12 months living with COVID-19. Many of us are hoping for a positive outcome and the lifting of restrictions, while being realistic about the possibility of needing to make changes to holiday plans. Throughout all the sifting through of Covid-safe plans, government advice and news reports, it is important to keep a positive perspective and encourage our students to look for the blessings we do experience. 

As we look back on Term 1, we are grateful for the learning and fun experienced throughout all aspects of school community life: the blessings of friendships formed, new learning opportunities, celebrations in sport and cultural activities and the joy of being able to gather together. 

Easter is a time when we are invited to reflect on our own lives, to let go of past hurts and difficulties and look hopefully to the future. The events on the Christian Holy Week calendar lead us through a journey of servant leadership at Maundy Thursday; forgiveness and love at the foot of Jesus’ cross on Good Friday; the stillness and quiet of the in-between time on Holy Saturday; and finally joyous celebration of new life on Easter Day. 

Churches in Toowoomba and other places are awaiting news of restrictions lifting before finalising plans to gather for each of these occasions. Notices will be widely distributed on webpages and through Facebook to announce what is able to go ahead in person and online. Many churches are livestreaming their services via Zoom, Facebook and Youtube. All are welcome to join in the celebration of Easter. If in-person services are able to continue, please contact your local Anglican church to check if you need to pre-register. 

As a school, we will gather on the first day of Term 2 for our Easter service. Due to ongoing restrictions for places of worship we are unable to use St Luke’s church for this occasion, however we will be able to celebrate together with all girls from Prep to Year 12 attending in the Clive Berghofer Sports Centre.

Every blessing for a peaceful and rejuvenating break for all our Glennie families.

The Rev’d Sharon Mitchell