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From The Archives 26 March 2021

As the exam block draws to a close and students are waiting with great anticipation for their results, spare a thought for past students who also had to go through the ordeal - sometimes with mixed results!

For teachers, marking exam papers can be interesting! These responses to examination questions were listed in The Glennie Gazette September, 1910.

“Comic Cuts from Examination Papers

  1. Oxford and Cambridge were discovered by Captain Cook
  2. Sir William MacGregor (note likeness to Pope Gregor) sent Augustine over to England
  3. King Arthur was picked up on the sea-shore by a musician named Merlin.
  4. Every kind of grain is grown on these Downs, the chief being the Darling Downs.
  5. Most of these volcanoes are active, but one is a dormat (dormant).
  6. Gonorell said she loved King Lear so much she would dye for him.
  7. The feminine of “Groomsman” is “Housemaid”.

Mrs Noeleen Fleming
Archives Officer