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Exams are a very serious time of study, preparation, intense concentration and time management. However, sometimes marking exam papers can bring some humour and creativity as these answers taken from exams in 1920 demonstrate!

A cassowary is a big disturbance at the mouth of a river.
Wilson was our President but he has gone to America.
Pyramids are a range of mountains.
A quadruped is half one thing and half the other - half human and half animal.
A cassowary eats an awful amount and can eat human beens.
Key of the Mediterranean is a sea, and the key is kept by the Spanish people.
Nelson is a poate. (poet?)
Wordsworth was a mountaineer boy at an early age.

(From the Glennie Gazette, April 1920)

I hope your exams went well girls and best wishes for sound results.

Mrs Noleen Fleming