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French Immersion Meeting With Year 6

On Friday, 12 June, eight Year 7 French Immersion students visited the Year 6 cohort to talk about the French Immersion Program. The Junior School students engaged with us and asked many questions, and we shared our own experience after a semester in the Program. After this, Monsieur Morère answered all other outstanding questions in an informative slideshow, covering what subjects the program entails, a typical weekly timetable of a French Immersion student, how French Immersion benefits your brain and ‘makes it bigger’, the academic support students can get if they need assistance in their studies and finally the famed and fabled Trip to France.

Kate L: I have found the French Immersion experience so far challenging but also rewarding. It was great to have the opportunity to talk to the Year 6 classes so I and others could share our experiences and reassure the students that were perhaps not sure whether they should choose French Immersion or not to have a go, take courage to take part in a unique program and be the best they can be.

Kate R: I have loved being in French Immersion so far, and I enjoyed sharing my experiences with the Year 6 girls. They had lots of questions, which was great and showed that they were interested in the Program. Some of the girls were unsure of what French Immersion is, but with the meeting today, they know some people that they can go to to get help.

Amy: I have found the French Immersion Program a very rewarding experience, and I was glad to share all my knowledge and experiences with my group. They had many, many questions and it was great to answer them all in great detail. I would love to see many Year 6 students taking part in the great journey of French Immersion in 2021, and I am looking forward to seeing them next year!

Bailey: I have really enjoyed the challenge of French Immersion, as it is really rewarding. The teachers are all interactive and there is never a dull moment. Even though I have only been in French Immersion for a short amount of time, I still had many experiences both fun and interesting to share with my group of Year 6s. I am really glad that I joined The French Immersion Program because otherwise I know I would have regretted it.

Bonnie: Coming from a small school consisting of eight people, the transition has definitely not been easy but the French Immersion family has been very welcoming and homely. I enjoyed sharing my experiences and knowledge with the Year 6 students, they were very engaged and asked many useful and interesting questions. I hope to see many of them in the Program next year.

Macy: I love the French Immersion Program because it helps with making you smarter and better and helps with life. The teachers are kind and they are supportive and are a great help. I would recommend the French Immersion Program to Year 6 and I hope they enjoyed our visit today. 

Lara: The French Immersion Program for me is the opportunity to challenge myself and expand my knowledge on the world. It is extremely beneficial for my organisation, work ethics and growth in learning. Nonetheless, there have been moments where I have been uncertain about remaining in the Program, however the encouraging and supportive French Immersion teachers have always been there to help me, and so have my inspiring classmates. I hope the Year 6 students take into consideration, not only the commitment they will make if they join the French Immersion Program, but also the benefits and relationships that come along the way.

Louise: I really enjoy being in the French Immersion Program. It is such an amazing help for our brains to grow. It is interesting and keeps me on my toes. Every teacher is always willing to help and we love all of them. I hope that the Year 6s enjoyed our visit today, as we all did.

We would like to thank the teachers for organising this meet up; Mrs Bullock, Mr Broom, Madame Garrier and Monsieur Morère. To all the Year 6s, we understand it may be daunting to join a program where you speak in a different language, but if you want to take a risk, the teachers, your parents and the older Glennie French Immersion students will be more than happy to help you. Thank you, Year 6, for letting us come and visit you and we hope many of you will choose French Immersion as your language choice in Middle Years!

Bailey Crisp, Louise Anderson, Bonnie Ladner, Amy Leis, Kate Leis, Macy Martyr, Kate Roper and Lara Shephard    

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