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Father Daughter Bowling 2020

The annual Father Daughter Bowling event for our seniors of 2020 was held last week at the Bazinga Entertainment Centre (run by Glennie family, Jason and Michelle Watkins). 

The event was themed 'Dynamic Duos' and kindly hosted by Glennie dad, Mr Gary Lees, and his daughter, Amelia, dressed as Donald and Melania Trump. Amelia gave a lovely tribute to all the dads.

Thank you to Michelle and Jason Watkins for donating prizes and thank you to all their incredible staff for running such a well organised and fun evening.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions at the venue, our guests had to split into two separate sessions this year.  Huge thanks to Ms Mary Anne Evans for attending the first session and Mr Russell Baldock the second.  

Special thanks also to Mrs Libby Bellars from the GOSS for donating our Best Dressed prizes.

Thank you also to Mrs Tracey Kessels for taking all the photos of our Dynamic Duos, and arranging these as gifts for our parents following Senior Valedictory.

Prizes went to:

Session 1 -

Best Dressed Dynamic Duo - Dan and Emily Rattray (as Cheese and Crackers)

Runners-Up - Dan and Emma Prewett (as Shaun the Sheep and Farmer)

Best Bowling Dynamic Duo - Damien and Alex McDonald (with a score of 226)

Runners-Up - Jordyn and Peter Schriek (with a score of 207)

Best Laser Tag Dynamic Duo - Scott and Emma Prewett (with a score of 214)

Runners-Up - Laura and Troy Hunt (with a score of 190)

Session 2 -

Best Dressed Dynamic Duo - Tim and Piper Doust (as Magpie and Cyclist)

Runners-Up -  Dr Gustavo and Veronica Fischer (as Glennie Dad and Daughter)

Best Bowling Dynamic Duo - Warren Willmington and Caitlin Scarlett (with a score of 272)

Runners-Up - Alyssa and Brian Baker  (with a score of 226)

Best Laser Tag Dynamic Duo - Jim and Katherine Hoos (with a score of 189)

Runners-Up - Darryl and Marlene Martin (with a score of 148)

Perpetual Trophy Overall Winners for 2020 

Father-Daughter Bowling Winning Duo - Warren Willmington and Caitlin Scarlett

Father Daughter Laser Tag Winning Duo - Scott and Emma Prewett

Mrs Shaz Willmington
Event Organiser

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