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Drones Soar At Glennie

Yesterday, our girls in Years 5 and 6, as part of our IdeasPLUS@Glennie workshop series,  learned about the practical uses of drones. 

With safety gear on, and expert guidance provided by IntegratedSTEM, our girls received a hands-on learning experience, involving the safety, programming, and real-life application of these wonderful machines.  

In addition to learning about the practical and technical use of drones, students learned how technology, like drones, is making a significant impact on the agricultural industry. 

Elizabeth in Year 5 was impressed by the real-life capability of these tiny devices: ‘The drones are great for agriculture, as the camera helps farmers to see their property and crops from the sky. This makes it easier for farmers to see what areas of the farm need watering.’

At the conclusion of the lesson, the girls enjoyed a tag-team relay competition where each girl was given the opportunity to control, fly and steer their drones via iPads, teaching them to take off and land within designated zones. 

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