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Cyber Tuesday - Respect, Reasoning, Responsibility And Resilience

The 4Rs of online safety are Respect, Reasoning, Responsibility and Resilience.  These are simple words but can help you navigate the online world.

Australia’s eSafety Commissioner said that responsibility should be taught from the first swipe of the iPad. She told Australia that you are the most tech-savvy generation to date and you will shape the online world as you grow. The office of the eSafety Commissioner provides help to kids and families all over Australia. They have provided little hints you can use to help people see you are a responsible digital citizen:

  • Don’t respond to cyberbullying.  If someone sends you a mean message don’t forward it on.

With your smart device, you can show responsibility by:

  • Not having it in your bedroom. Show them you have good habits right away.
  • New game? Ask your parents or carers to play it with you so you can explore together.
  • Ask before you download, install or buy anything. Check with your parents or carers first and make sure you are spending money and at the apps you use are safe.
  • Turn on your security settings for every device and app you use.
  • Only add friends who you know in real life and make sure you have told your parents or carers. 

You should always speak with your parents, carers or a trusted adult if:

  • someone online wants to meet up.
  • someone makes you feel bad, uncomfortable or unsafe.
  • someone is always telling you how wonderful you are or they want to send you something.
  • you see something online, you are confused about or don’t like; or
  • someone says you must keep it a secret, or someone will be hurt.

Stay close to your parents when you are online so you can get help if you need it. Relax and take it easy while you are learning and showing you can be a responsible online citizen.

Know where to go get help online:

Kids Helpline has many topics and special people who will listen to you.