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Cyber Friday 22 Nov

Are you a cyberbully?

Cyberbullying is bullying  - It’s just using technology like iPads and computers to embarrass someone or hurt them and may make them scared or afraid when using the internet.

  • It’s not ok to post something mean, even if you think it’s a joke.
  • It’s not ok to post something mean about someone to make others laugh.
  • It’s not ok to exclude someone from a group to be mean to them.  
  • It’s not ok to post something to embarrass someone.

Being mean to someone won’t help you keep friends or become popular – it just makes others scared or upset.

Source: click here

Ok, you think you are a bully - what can you do?

  • Don’t panic – you may not have realised it or just need some help.
  • Stop the bullying now.
  • If you thought it was harmless or a joke – stop now.
  • If you did it to get back at someone – stop now.
  • If you did it to feel popular or powerful - stop now.
  • If you did it to be nasty, hurt someone or embarrass them – stop now.

Seek help from a trusted adult who can help you in real life, like your teacher or school counsellor.  

Talk to an adult about apologising to the person. You don’t have to be friends but you don’t have to be a bully.

Stop the bullying and be awesome instead.

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