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Cadets welcome

The Cadet Program is offered to students from Toowoomba Grammar School, The Glennie School and Fairholme College. It is a recognised National Youth Development Program which is run as an extra-curricular activity at Toowoomba Grammar School.  Our program equips students with vital life skills and also provides some advantage in the quest for scholarships and jobs. The value of being a Cadet lies in the technical, practical, personal and organisation skills that are developed through the Cadet training program which includes: communication; teamwork; problem-solving; initiative and enterprise; planning and Organising; Self-Management; Learning and Leadership. The program offers a positive experience to the Cadets where they make life-long friends and where they participate in a number of different activities throughout the year.   From a personal perspective, I enjoy working with these young teenagers watching them grow and mature into young men and women over a 5-6 year period.

We have now completed four Home Training Days on a Friday afternoon after school, one NCO Training Day and one Recruit Training Day. We are still on the lookout for new recruits to our program and it is not too late to join.

Training that has occurred since the last newsletter includes, six of our cadets participating in the National Service Men’s Association Commemorative Service vigil party on Saturday, 16 February. This is an important part of our service to the Toowoomba Community. These cadets do additional training on a Wednesday and normally form part of our Toowoomba Grammar School Honour Guard.

Our drum corp that has free instruction on a Thursday afternoon after school, has expanded 100% and we welcome our new drummers.  They are currently learning the required techniques and skills required to play on snare drums.

On Wednesday, 6 March, 22 cadets plus staff will attend the WTSS facility at Oakey Army Aviation Training Centre and will shoot with F88 steyrs in a controlled environment.  This is a fabulous opportunity that is made available to our cadets and we thank Oakey for their support. On Friday, 8 March a number of our leadership cadets will attend a Tri-Service Dinner at Concordia College and Colonel Eamon Barton, the Commandant from Oakey Army Avn TC will be the guest speaker.  Next weekend on Sunday, 10 March, the female cadets from The Glennie School and a number of male cadets will be selling raffle tickets at The Glennie School Fair.

Ann Hallam