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Academic Life @ Glennie

Two of the biggest challenges of managing information and policies related to the academic life of a school are enabling students, parents and teachers to access academic information quickly and easily and in a way that is streamlined and visually appealing on every screen, from desktop to tablet to smartphone. In the Middle and Senior Years, this platform is called Academic Life @ Glennie.

Located on the home page of The Glennie School Portal, this platform is accessible through the orange icon:

The Academic Life @ Glennie Google site centralises all information related to the academic life of students:

  • Curriculum
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Subject selection
  • Policies
  • Enrichment
  • Awards
  • Competitions
  • Study and support
  • Learning tools

I encourage Years 7 to 12 parents to explore this site and become familiar with the academic policies, processes and information related to the Middle and Senior Years. Personalised information regarding assessment dates and academic results will, of course, continue to be published in the parent and student pages of SEQTA.

 Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is a learner-centred space for active and cooperative learning that operates every week from the start of Week 2 until the Senior Years’ Examination Block.

Now in its fourth year of operation, the Learning Hub is a place where students can get together with other students and specialist teachers to solve problems, answer questions, formulate questions of their own, discuss, explain, debate and brainstorm in an environment, which supports student thinking and autonomy.

By working collaboratively, sharing information and exchanging ideas, student learning becomes deeper, more personalised and active.

Students are encouraged to use the Learning Hub in a way that best suits their learning needs. Some senior students timetable sessions into their study planners while other students drop in for help on a needs basis.

Other students choose to attend for a number of sessions with a particular subject specialist to clarify and refine their understanding of a particular skill or part of the curriculum. Some students choose to use this time to complete their homework in the collaborative and focused working space.

Opening hours for the Learning Hub as well as the timetable of sessions for Term 1 are now available in the “Study and Support” page of Academic Life @ Glennie.

Other Academic Support

There are a number of other academic support opportunities available to students in the Middle and Senior Years:


  1. Students are encouraged to discuss any academic concern with their teacher outside of class time.
  2. As mentioned above, students can attend the Learning Hub, which operates before, during and after school and is facilitated by specialist teachers.
  3. Students can consolidate English, Mathematics, Social Science, Languages and Digital Technologies skills and concepts via the program Education Perfect.
  4. Students in Years 11 and 12 can access QCE-specific video lessons, interactive quizzes and exam revision in the subjects Economics, Geography, Legal Studies, Biology, Chemistry and Physics through the program Atomi.
  5. Boarders can access academic support during Prep time from specialist teachers and tutors.
  6. Students are supported to develop effective study skills and habits in fortnightly study skills lessons, using the resources from Mighty Minds and the ELES Study Skills Handbook. 

In terms of external academic support, families can purchase for their daughter/s:

  1. Access to Studiosity, an online tutoring service that offers 24/7 on-demand study help for English, Mathematics, Science and Business subjects.
  2. Access to TuteSmart, an online tutoring support service that provides live tutorial classes, on-demand tutoring and online private tutoring in QCE subjects.
  3. Access to individual academic mentoring through organisations such as Creating Students.

As always, if students have an academic concern, they should see their teacher in the first instance, or the relevant Head of Department.

Information about all of these support opportunities is available in the Study and Support section of Academic Life @ Glennie.

Ms Tonia Gloudemans
Deputy Principal - Head of Curriculum