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A Message from the Head of Junior Years (1) (1)

On Thursday, the Junior Years teachers and staff acknowledged RUOK Day by sharing morning tea and more importantly, checking in with each other and starting a conversation. A friend recently shared with me an article that resonated with her deeply. It was such an important reminder that I felt it needed to be shared with our School community.

In our busy world, we sometimes forget the influence we can have on those around us and it only takes 6 seconds. According to Rachel Macy Stafford, the writer of the article, 6 seconds is enough to make a bad day good; it’s enough to bring life back to weary bones, and it’s enough to remember what really matters in the midst of so much that doesn't.

In 6 seconds you can take a deep breath.
In 6 seconds you can let it go. “It's not worth it” you can say.
In 6 seconds you can tuck a note in a lunch box or your child's pocket. It takes 2 seconds to draw a heart.
In 6 seconds you can say you are sorry.
In 6 seconds you can cut yourself some slack.
In 6 seconds you can quiet the inner bully that keeps you from loving this day.
In 6 seconds you can feel the sunshine.
In 6 seconds you can decide to stop looking back.
In 6 seconds you can whisper, “It's going to be ok” to yourself or to someone who is scared.

A lot can happen in just 6’s enough to change history.

I have 6 seconds. Do you? Let's use them to send a ripple of goodness out into the world. Today as we acknowledge and ask RUOK?, we put goodness, kindness and compassion into our community. We all have 6 seconds to start a conversation; trust the signs and ask RUOK? any day it is needed.

Mrs Kate Harris
Head of Junior Years