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A message from the Head of Boarding Week 1 Term 2

Many of our students have returned after two weeks of helping out at home with feeding stock and maintaining properties. I have great respect for these students and note the difference in how they spend their time in comparison to many other young people in Australia. While families report being concerned about their children spending too much time on social media and gaming pursuits during school vacations, I enjoy hearing about those students who don’t even have these options. There is a sense of purpose about these students in endeavouring to make the most of their education away from home; mostly they realise the sacrifice their families are making to give them that chance. Often families will mention that they will be a worker down and, those at home will need to assume their duties whilst away. It is a privilege to witness the maturity and responsibility in how these students conduct themselves in our boarding environment as they are such strong role models for others.

In mentioning this I am pleased to discuss our student results from the end of term survey. Students filled out a questionnaire asking them to rate their overall satisfaction in boarding and suggest ways to improve their experience. Approximately 80% of students reported feeling satisfied, happy or very happy with their boarding experience, the most popular response being “Happy”(40%).  Comments from the girls included that they enjoyed craft and entering the shows, that it was good to have activities to make friends, and they enjoyed giving back to the community. There were quite a number of comments in regards to students wanting to cook their own toast at breakfast, which I am happy to report is a goal for us to make it happen. The most overwhelming response from the survey was that almost 90% of students enjoyed our lovely selection of desserts.  

We will use this feedback to continue to inform us of what we can do to make the experience the girls have in boarding one that is full of happy memories. I thank parents for the opportunity to support their daughters in this environment. This partnership is crucial for everyone.

Mrs Donna Grant
Head of Boarding