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A Message From The Deputy Principal (1) (1)

Yesterday evening Chris Rider, the Chief Executive Officer of the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA), made available the following information to all parents and students on their website.

The information about assessment aligns directly with our current policies and procedures, which are available in the Academic Life @ Glennie site on the Portal.

Ms Tonia Gloudemans
Deputy Principal - Head of Curriculum

Parent and student FAQs

What happens if a student misses a senior assessment because of coronavirus?

It is essential that a student experiences the relevant teaching and learning before they complete any assessment. That holds true across every stage of schooling.

The QCAA has contacted principals about the access arrangements and reasonable adjustments (AARA) procedures to follow should a student be absent owing to coronavirus.

A straightforward adjustment that a school can make is to extend the due date of an assignment.

Schools can also ask a student to sit a comparable paper if they miss a test. This is a new paper that ensures fairness for students who completed the original test while giving the absent student an equal opportunity to show their learning.

Queensland schools are familiar with the QCAA’s AARA policies. AARA can minimise barriers for a student whose medical condition or other circumstances may affect their ability to participate in the assessment.

How will Year 12 results be affected?

The QCAA recognises that schools must make decisions that prioritise the health and well-being of their students and staff. The particular circumstances faced by individual schools will guide what is realistically achievable within these constraints.

The QCAA will take these challenges into consideration when calculating final subject results and certifying the achievements of students. And we will adjust our processes accordingly to ensure that the available achievement information is used to determine fair and accurate outcomes.

Have any changes been made to senior assessment quality assurance processes?

In response to advice on limiting non-essential travel and practising social distancing, the QCAA has changed the face-to-face confirmation review meetings scheduled to be held in Brisbane, Rockhampton and Townsville in late April to an online event.

This first confirmation event involves QCAA-trained teacher assessors reviewing the school-based assessment judgments made by teachers for students’ first summative internal assessments.

Students can be reassured that all confirmation work will continue but will be undertaken remotely using the QCAA’s existing online platform.

How is the QCAA supporting schools?

Since early February the QCAA has been preparing for a range of scenarios and possible disruptions to schooling and the administration of senior assessment.

We are in regular contact with school leaders. And our leadership team meets regularly with the chief executives of the Department of Education, Independent Schools Queensland, Queensland Catholic Education Commission and representatives of teacher unions and principals’ associations. We are also consulting with parents’ associations to understand the concerns of students, parents and carers.

If required, the QCAA can implement alternative ways of working that support schools to deliver assessment and enable us to provide key services and processes.