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A Message from the Deputy Principal (1) (1) (1)

This middle part of Term 1 has been filled with activities, events and celebrations and there are many messages the girls can take away from this vibrant period. In addition to International Women’s Day last week, this week has presented the National Day Against Bullying and World Sleep Day. We have enjoyed sports carnivals, the continuing musical rehearsals and once again hosted Kyoto Junior High School for their annual visit. These events have all occurred on top of the regular activities that are part of each girl’s busy life at Glennie.

The girls can often find it difficult to juggle all that they do and while many want to be a part of it all, when assessment increases and deadlines loom, this can become too much for some. Stress in the right quantities is a good thing. We release chemicals into the body that make us more alert and able to respond quickly to changing situations. Too much though, and we become overwhelmed and feel unable to cope. We need to set aside time to relax, to rest our bodies and minds so that we can recharge and perform at the optimum level we strive for. Sometimes, young people may need to reconsider their commitments and we need to support them in this so that they can attain the right balance.

I hope you are able to talk to your daughter about the events in recent weeks and what she has learned from them. At the carnivals, the thing that resonated with me was the strong sense of community and support that the girls had for each other, regardless of whether they were in Prep or Year 12. The days we celebrated recently have provided the girls with a focus on several particular causes. Some issues will resonate more with some than with others but no doubt there has been something new and compelling for each girl. I challenge students to apply what they have learned from their participation and think about how they can ‘be the reason’ and progress these movements to make our world a better place.

Mrs Jo Matherson
Deputy Principal