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A message from the Dean of Teaching and Learning 29 March

An important message regarding reporting and P/S/T interviews

End of Unit Reporting – Year 11
Unit 1 reports for students in Year 11 will be issued at the end of this term. These reports provide achievement results using percentages and achievement bands, comments from tutor teachers, and details of students’ involvement in co-curricular activities. The reports do not include overall subject comments, as detailed information is provided with each assessment task via progressive reporting.
The use of percentages and achievement bands in these Unit 1 reports allows the School to encapsulate the new approach to assessment in the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) while providing an interim reporting framework that reflects a developmental approach to skill acquisition. The interim approach uses the language of the Queensland P–12 Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Framework (‘Extending, Advancing, Demonstrating, Developing and Emerging’), and is a very deliberate decision by the School as a result of a lack of alignment between the A – E standards and the new marking system. What is clear, is that the standards will vary between subjects and between cohorts, and will be determined at certification by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) when students graduate. Indeed, we would be ill-advised to report on students’ levels of achievement in Units 1 – 4 using the A – E standards when QCAA are not able to do so themselves until December 2020. Until that time, we will implement this interim reporting framework. We believe this approach best serves the needs of our students and our parent community and reflects the longstanding judgements that have been made in other jurisdictions (New South Wales, Victoria, etc.)
Unit 1 Reports for Year 11 will be available digitally through SEQTA. Instructions describing how to access these will be emailed to your Glennie email address. If you have trouble accessing your daughter's report, please contact the IT Department, or phone (07) 4688 8811.

Parent, Student & Teacher Interviews
These interviews are important for parents, students and teachers, as they offer an opportunity to exchange observations and concerns but most importantly to talk about the progress of students. Involving students in the interviews:

  •         places students at the heart of assessment, feedback and reporting
  •         provides a student voice to discussions about performance and progress
  •         teaches students the process of reflection and self-evaluation
  •         encourages students to accept personal responsibility for learning
  •         strengthens the home-school partnership and allows students to see their
            parents and teachers working together for them

In short, Parent, Student & Teacher Interviews are a valuable avenue for involving parents and students in the learning process and leading students towards becoming self-directed, independent and lifelong learners.
Parent, Student & Teacher Interviews in the Middle and Senior Years will be conducted on Tuesday 23 April from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm and Monday 29 April from 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm. Very shortly, parents will receive an email inviting them to book interviews with their daughter’s teachers using our new system, Edval Interviews.

Years 7 – 12 Progressive Reporting
Once marking and cross marking has occurred, students and parents can view progressive reports in SEQTA. To access the progressive reports select the Assessment tab in the SEQTA Engage menu on the left of the Portal. Select the subject you wish to see, then click on each assessment item to see the results and teacher feedback.
Please be aware that a number of our Middle & Senior Years Teachers have attended camp with your daughters. For these teachers, the marking of assessment has been put on hold this week and will be completed as a matter of priority when they return. Nonetheless, it may not be possible to complete marking and cross marking by Friday 5 April. To ensure that you, as a family, receive as much feedback on your daughter’s learning as you need, please ensure you make bookings for the Parent, Student & Teacher Interviews at the start of Term 2.

Ms Tonia Gloudemans
Dean of Teaching and Learning