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A Message from the Dean of Teaching and Learning 22 Feb

The New Queensland Certificate of Education – Road Map for 2019

Glennie is now in its third year of planning for and implementing the new Queensland Certificate of Education.

We began our journey in 2017 by investigating the Victorian Certificate of Education. From here a New Senior Curriculum Working Party was established to develop a model at Glennie that would suit our needs as well as allow students to experience enjoyment, challenge and success. Changes were made to Year 10 to create a three-year senior program, offer more elective ‘taster’ subjects, protect curriculum time, and focus on literacy, numeracy and 21st Century skills. These changes have laid the foundation for academic extension, active and collaborative student learning, and innovative pedagogy in the Senior Years.

In 2018 we focussed on embedding the explicit teaching of essential skills in Years P – 12, developing resilience and autonomy in student learning, creating communities of practice for teachers to discuss curriculum, assessment and pedagogy, and engaging teachers in advanced professional learning on assessment literacy. To accompany this change, we implemented progressive reporting across the Middle and Senior Years, developed a new model of academic awards to celebrate both academic achievement and growth, and restructured the school day to support the professional development of teachers and maximise curriculum time.

So, what’s on our agenda for 2019?

Our focus this year is on formalising quality assurance processes across the Senior Years. In January we implemented a new Assessment and Integrity Policy as well as an Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments Policy in line with new requirements published by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA). At a curriculum level, our teachers have been developing quality internal assessment instruments via the support of our new Internal Endorsement Committee. This Committee is comprised of experienced and qualified teachers who have completed assessment literacy courses on instrument construction, syllabus standards and marking reliability. Their role in providing guidance and feedback to teachers is invaluable as we prepare to submit Units 3 & 4 assessment to QCAA for approval; a process which is known as Endorsement.

Other quality assurance processes that are the focus of this year include ensuring progressive feedback in assessments as well as reporting approaches to parents align with the new QCAA system of using numerical results for marking. I will describe this approach to parents in a later edition of eNews this term. In addition, students and teachers have been completing academic integrity courses written by the QCAA to promote good scholarship and support teacher professional learning. Teachers are also putting the final touches on our new Pedagogical Framework, which will guide teaching and learning in the Middle and Senior Years; particularly in the new Queensland Certificate of Education.

For your interest, I have shared two infographics – documents that teachers at Glennie are using to guide the implementation of the new QCE, as well as a link to QCAA’s updated website containing information about the new QCE. Note: none of the information on the QCAA website is new; the website has just been redesigned to make it easier to access fact sheets and resources.

Ms Tonia Gloudemans
Dean of Teaching and Learning

Click here to download a copy of the 2018 and 2019 QCE Roadmaps.