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– Be Connected. –

A message from the Dean of Students, 17 May

As educators, we have an obligation to the world and to our students to prepare them to take their place in a world full of uncertainty and change, but also a world that cries out for strong leadership with integrity. As educators of girls, never has there been a more significant time to encourage our students to develop a belief that they have the ability, and the right, to be leaders of the future.

The development of leadership qualities is an important part of our commitment to empowering our students to be capable and confident young women of strength and integrity who will make a positive difference in our world. One of the ways in which we are doing this is through the development of a rich and comprehensive leadership program for all students in Years 7 to 12.

The Australian Student Wellbeing Framework includes a number of key elements, including student voice; authentic student participation where students are active participants in their own learning and wellbeing, feel connected and use their social and emotional skills to be respectful, resilient and safe. We want to provide opportunities for authentic student decision-making on matters that affect them, and create and maintain inclusive and interactive learning environments to encourage active student participation to foster a sense of connectedness. We want to collaborate with students to continue to develop strategies to enhance wellbeing, promote safety and counter bullying and abuse in all online and physical spaces.

Authentic student participation (student voice) is an important element in promoting student wellbeing, safety and learning outcomes. Students have unique perspectives on learning, teaching, and schooling, and should have the opportunity to actively shape their own education, foster our school culture and drive positive change here at Glennie. Student voice involves students actively participating in our school and communities, contributing to decision making processes and collectively influencing outcomes by putting forward their views, ideas and taking action. We want students across all year levels to authentically contribute to our school community.

Integrity, respect, compassion and courage - our core values which are ingrained in our school culture -, will drive and endorse student voice. This will perpetuate the growth mindset at Glennie where students are taught to embrace both their strengths and weaknesses, to be innovators and leaders and to be brave with their actions and voices.  The development of leadership qualities is an important part of our School’s commitment to empower girls to be All She Can Be®; to be fearless girls equipped to become strong women.

An exciting new initiative this year is the development of a Student Representative Council (SRC). The SRC is a group of students who come together to initiate change, to make a difference for the common good of our school community. The SRC is student voice. We want our students to be responsible for both what they say and what they do, and take action to make a difference beyond oneself. Leadership is not about a position of power. Leadership is a service.  

Over the past two weeks, the girls in Years 8 and 11 have received information regarding the SRC, they have nominated and presented a short speech to their Year Level and then voted for their SRC representatives. The girls in Years 7, 9 and 10 will have the same opportunity before the end of this term, so that our Student Representative Council will be up and running in Semester Two. I encourage all Glennie girls to Be the Reason that student voice is valued at Glennie.

Mrs Jodi Blades
Dean of Students