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A message from the Dean of Students (1)

School uniforms can send powerful messages about the standards we expect. At Glennie, we set high standards of dress for high standards of achievement. As the weather turns cooler, I would like to remind you that students are required to wear their complete winter uniform whenever at school and on all occasions when they appear in public as a representative of the School. In the street and in public, students are required to wear the regulation Panama hat with the school uniform. School uniforms must be neat, clean and tidy.

Full winter uniform must be worn to and from school each day. The only exceptions to this rule are:

  • Wednesdays when sports uniform may be worn
  • Sports training afternoons when sports uniform may be worn home
  • On school days, where PE lessons occur before morning tea, sports uniform may be worn to school, but students must bring their school uniform and get changed at morning tea
  • On school days, where PE lessons occur after lunch, sports uniform may be worn home         

A reminder that earrings, plain silver or small gold studs, worn in the lower ear lobes, one per ear, are the only jewellery permitted. A small, simple watch coloured silver, gold or black is permitted. Make-up is not permitted. The only piercing permitted is in the lower ear lobe. Multiple earrings or fancy studs are not allowed. Sleepers are regarded as dangerous during physical activities. If students are only able to wear sleepers, it is required that these be removed before coming to school and replaced on return from school. Medical opinion suggests that ear piercings will not close in this period of time.

Hair must be in a neat, conservative style; no shaved areas or way out (e.g. spiky) styles are acceptable. Colour must be natural and hair must be kept out of eyes and off the face. If longer than collar length, hair must be tied back neatly and secured by a plain navy scrunchie or navy ribbon (both available from the school). If hair needs to be pinned off the face, bobby pins or plain tortoiseshell combs are to be used. Headbands should be navy or tortoiseshell. Hair must be in a style that will allow students to wear their hat correctly, therefore no top knots/buns are allowed.

We look forward to your cooperation in maintaining our standards. If you have any queries regarding uniform please make contact with your child’s Tutor Teacher or Head of House.

Mrs Jodi Blades
Dean of Students