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Founder’s Day

What a wonderful celebration we enjoyed on Wednesday as we remembered the founding of our school. Bishop Cameron Venables shared with us that although we would like to think of Archdeacon Benjamin Glennie as a superhero, he was in fact an ordinary man, called by God to share love and faith to the people of the Downs which he did with humility and a lot of hard work. The first funds raised for our school were from selling the vegetables that Glennie grew in his garden, a small beginning that has become the amazing campus we now enjoy. It is important for us to look back and give thanks for our past, the traditions that have continued through to today but also for us to look to the future, to continue building on and growing our school, adding rich layers of faith, learning, fun and friendship. Bishop Cameron encouraged us to explore what God is calling us to do and to be, sharing his gift of songwriting with us. I have shared the lyrics below.

It was a great joy to see our girls spending time together, singing, praying, listening and then sharing in a picnic in the School grounds in house groups. Thanks to our local Toowoomba clergy for joining us for our celebration and to all the staff who assisted in making it a great celebration. A photo gallery of the service and picnic can be found here. 

GOGA Service

On Sunday, all are welcome to join in a time of worship with our Glennie Old Girls’ Association at 10:00am in the School Chapel followed by morning tea in the Glennie room. We welcome The Rev’d Zoe Browne (GOG 2005) who will be leading this service. 

Our next Family Communion service is on Sunday, 8 September at 9:30am.

Vocation    (Music & Lyrics: Cam Venables – July 2019)

The sacred writing of our faith was written long ago;
And, we find within it wisdom inspiring us to go
Beyond where things are comfortable! Beyond where things are safe!
Into a way of being in love with God, a life of faith.

Your Spirit calls to young and old, it’s quite a mystery;
To men and women, rich and poor, a strange community;
Who sing a song of love and grace; of hope and joy and peace;
Who follow Christ in everything ‘til all their strivings cease.

And you’ve raised up through the ages
Faithful leaders who can see
The guiding of your Spirit.
Could you, God, be calling me?

I offer you my ego, my intellect and heart
And open to your Spirit’s leading, help me play my part.
For in every generation, every people, every place,
There’s a hunger to find ‘home’ in you, and a longing for your grace.

And you’ve raised up through the ages
Faithful leaders who can see

The guiding of your Spirit.
Could you, God, make that of me?


The Rev’d Sharon Baird

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