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Knitted Poppies

knittedThis knitting pattern assumes that you can do basic knitting stitches including cast on, plain, purl, rib, and knit two together.

The sample in the photo was made using 8 ply wool and 4mm needles. You will also need a darning needle and scissors. This is just one sample, there are lots of patterns if you google them.

  • Step 1: cast on 64 stitches using a stretchy cast on using red wool leaving a bit of a tail.
  • Step 2: work 8-10 rows of rib
  • Step 3: change to black and change to garter stitch, work one row.
  • Step 4: knit two stitches together across the whole row on this and the following two rows until there are 8 stitches left.
  • Step 5: cut black yarn and thread stitches onto a darning needle and pull them tight.

To finish

  • Sew up the black part using black wool.
  • Sew the red part together using the red tail you left at the start.
  • Tie and snip the red ends
  • Tie the black ends and leave them long.