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Crocheted Poppies

basic-poppyThese crocheted patterns assume that you have the basic skills of crochet. If you are a novice, get onto youtube and watch some tutorials on crochet in the round. They were made using a 4mm crochet hook and 8 ply yarn.

To make these poppies you will be using the following stitches (US abbreviations):

CH = Chain

SL = Slip stitch

DC = Double crochet (sometimes called a treble in UK patterns)

SC = Single crochet (sometimes called a double in UK patterns)

ST = stitch

CL = cluster

Getting started

All of these patterns work from the same black foundation rounds.

Note: In every round, start with either a single chain stitch (for single crochet) or two chains (for double crochet). You will use these starting stitches as the last stitch in the pattern for each round by making a slip stitch (SL) to join the round. These are called lifting chains.


Foundation rounds

Using black yarn chain 5 (CH5), join to make a circle. 

Work 10 to 12 double crochet (DC) into the centre of the round, don't forget to CH2 at the start. Join with a SL.

This creates the foundation rounds for the following poppy patterns.



Basic Poppy

Make black foundation rounds as described above.

Red Round 1

Join in red yarn with a SL. CH2 (lifting chains). DC into the top of each of the black stitches twice. You should have a cluster CL of two red stitches (CL2) in each black stitch. They will look like little 'v's. Finish the round by doing one DC and join into lifting chains to make the last cluster.


Red Round 2

CH2. Make clusters of three DC (CL3) into the centre of each cluster of the first round (middle of the v). Finish the round by doing two DC and join into lifting chains to make the last cluster.


Red Round 3

The final round is made by starting with CH2 and then making a DC into each stitch. 



To finish, cut the red thread (leave a tail) and pull the yarn right through the last stitch and pull tight. Hook the yarn through the back of the stitches until it meets the other red tail (from where you first joined in the red) and tie them both together. Snip the red threads but leave the black ones long for tying on later.






Once you have mastered a few basic poppies, why not try some variations? Here are some patterns, but feel free to invent your own design.

Quick 3 Round Poppy


Make black foundation rounds and the first red round of the Basic Poppy Pattern.

Red Round 2

CH1. Single crochet (SC) into the first CL2. Make a triple cluster of double crochets into the next CL2. Repeat making SC2 and DC clusters of three until you get to the end. Finish with a CL3 then join into the lifting stitch. (If you haven't got the right number of stitches at the end, just fudge it and finish it off, it will look fine.)


5 Petal Poppy

This one is getting a bit more complicated.


Make black foundation rounds by doing a total of 10 DC including the lifting stitches.

Green Round

CH1. Make clusters of two SC into each black stitch.

First Red Round

This round is made by alternating between clusters of four DC in the first cluster and one DC in the next cluster. In total,  you should have five sets of clusters.

Second Red Round

The last round is made by making 8 DC clusters into the middle of each cluster of 4 made in the previous round.


Double Cluster Poppy

Complete the black foundation rounds of the 5 Petal Poppy pattern.


Green Round

CH2, make clusters of two DC into each black stitch.

Red Round 1

CH2, Cluster 3 DC into each green cluster.

Red Round 2

CH1, make clusters of two DC into each stitch in the green clusters (2 clusters of 2). Do that for two of the green clusters then make a single crochet into the gap between the next green cluster. Repeat this pattern to make five wide petals.



There is no right or wrong way to make a poppy so have some fun with inventing your own.

  • Cramming more stitches onto the black part will mean you will have more stitches on the following rounds and you will get a fuller, more crinkly poppy with more petals.
  • Skipping every second stitch of the black(or green) round will make your poppy gappier and you will need to compensate with more DCs in the clusters.
  • Using single crochet instead of doubles will make the poppy smaller.
  • Using triple crochet (yarn twice around the hook) will make it bigger.

Once you start inventing, you will find that no two poppies are the same, that’s fine, different is good.