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Parent Representatives

There are ways in which parents can become engaged in discussions which can influence the decision making processes of the Schools governors.

Years 7 to 12 Parent Focus Group

This group is comprised parents of girls in Years 7 to 12. (Parents are asked for a two year commitment.) At the beginning of the year, the Head of School invites expressions of interest to fill vacant positions. The Head of School conducts a discussion in an informal setting once per term, usually at the end of the term. The discussion covers a range of school-related matters. Members of this group were welcome to offer topics for discussion, via email, to the Head of School for her consideration and at her discretion.

Years K to 6 Parent Representative Committee

The Kindergarten to Year 6 Parent Representative Committee, comprises parents from each year group. The Committee meets each term to discuss events and fundraising. These representatives provide liaison between the School and Junior Years parents. They keep the School advised of issues as they arise.

Boarder Parent Forums

All Boarder Parent are welcome to attend the Boarder Parent Forums are held at the beginning of Terms 2, 3 and 4. Parents can raise issues and have their questions answered.