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How can I help the Foundation?

By making a pledge, donation or bequest in support of our goals and vision. Additionally, donors can become a Foundation member by giving financial assistance, experience, expertise and advice to identify potential support and opportunities to advance the Foundation’s fundraising efforts.

How do I join the Foundation?

Membership of the Foundation is open to people wishing to support the aims and objects of the Company. Individuals, families, a company or groups are able to qualify as Members of the Foundation.

For further information please contact The Glennie Foundation Office; 07 4688 8862.

When a Pledge is made does the first payment have to be made straight away?

Donations can be made as a lump sum or as a pledged amount per year over a three to five year period (or longer). The first Pledge payment is made on submission of a Gift Intention / Payment Advice Form and can be timed on a monthly to a yearly basis provided that the total annual amount is fully donated each year.

Can I include The Glennie School Foundation in my Will?

Yes, and it is recommended that you consult with your solicitor and financial advisor prior to contacting the Foundation about your intention. On notification to the Foundation of this intention, you will be invited to join The Glennie Circle of other Bequestors.

Do donors receive recognition and acknowledgment?

Yes, on an individual basis as negotiated with the donor. Amounts of donations are not mentioned.

What are the Member benefits?

You are a member of a philanthropically minded group that is providing tangible benefits to the students of a well established and respected School. You will receive public recognition if you wish, receive special invitations to School events, receive a donor badge and a membership certificate as well as the opportunity to have an influence on the Foundation's activities.