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Study & Academic Support


Prep/study/homework is a very important aspect of our boarding program. It is the formal study period allocated according to each year level. A supper break is included during this time. While it is expected that the girls will remain in their own roomette/room during prep, it is acknowledged that there may be times when they will need to work with other boarders. There is also an expectation that ‘prep’ is done quietly to ensure that every boarder can make the most of this time. Second prep, after a light supper, is definitely quiet time as girls who do not have homework or study can choose to go to sleep.

Glennie’s Middle and Senior Years Library is open every weekday afternoon until 5:00pm for study and or research. The library also has a huge variety of online resources that can be accessed via the Portal.

There is no reason why a boarder should not be able to complete her homework completed in the time allocated. Students who have extra-curricular commitments are encouraged to develop adequate time management skills to ensure that their studies do not suffer.


Tutoring for boarders is provided for up to 10 hours per week and can be accessed by contacting the Senior Resident of the house. Whilst this academic support is provided without additional cost to families, it is usually group based rather than individual.

Individual tutoring can be arranged through the Senior Resident or the Head of Boarding, at an additional cost.


Two weeks prior to examinations, the boarding houses go into “exam mode”, where television is limited and radios and CD players are used with earphones at all times. These measures aim to provide girls with extra quiet time to study within the boarding house.