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gms-1711089-inset-images7Teachers at Glennie join the School with the shared vision of directing their focus towards supporting each girl to be All She Can Be®.

The School is fortunate to have many long serving teachers on staff who are able to provide the continuity of learning and stability which is important to maximize student learning outcomes. As well, the School attracts new, younger teachers, at the top of their academic field. This provides a varied wealth of experience which is beneficial to support student learning needs in the classroom.

Teachers teach within their specialty areas and it is preferred that teachers have their first degree within their specialty teaching area. As well, a large number of staff have undertaken post graduate study pursuing professional interests in areas of pedagogical practice and discipline knowledge.

Teachers across Junior, Middle and Senior Years are involved beyond the classroom in providing a large range of extended learning opportunities. Each year, students across the school attend camps. Year 6 students, for example, head to Canberra. Every second year, students who participate in Sport and Music participate in a tour which may be an interstate or international one. As well, students who study French Immersion are fortunate to travel to France for an extended stay in their Year 10 year. History tours have been undertaken to various national exhibitions as well as Turkey and Greece. All of these activities are organized and led by teachers on staff.

The Glennie School is fortunate to have dedicated, hard-working teachers who are passionate and committed to providing the best learning opportunities for each girl.

 Staff Development

gms-1711089-inset-images8In the classroom and across the broad range of formal and informal learning environments, Glennie teachers are well prepared for the academic, cultural and sporting programs for the girls. A clear and comprehensively-structured induction program provides a background into the ethos of working within an Anglican school, shares the vision, mission and values of The Glennie School, and prepares them to teach girls from the age of 4 to 17 from Toowoomba and further afield for those who join Glennie as boarders. These teachers are specifically employed and allocated to their specialist teaching area, and continue to undertake a broad range of professional learning opportunities to ensure their pedagogical practice and curriculum knowledge represents the best of current practice.

Under the banner of the Glennie Professional Learning Program – Connecting Peers with Purpose (CPP), teachers have the opportunity to engage in a range of formal and informal professional learning opportunities. Each year, to extend teachers’ professional learning, not only is a generous professional learning program offered, teachers are also able to apply for the Benjamin Glennie Professional Learning Scholarship provided to enrich a particular area of professional interest that the member of staff may wish to investigate.

Other informal activities undertaken as part of the CPP program include weekly shared practice sessions – Professional Conversations – led by a member of staff who volunteers to share a topic of interest with their colleagues.

As a whole school staff, teachers are inducted into the Art and Science of Teaching program developed by the Marzano Institute. Provision is also made within the Teacher Appraisal model, aligned to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, for filmed lessons and vignettes of lessons to be viewed via the school’s Portal in another way of sharing best practice.