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Spiritual Care

The Anglican faith is the foundation upon which Glennie's values and philosophy are built. Christianity underlies everything that makes Glennie such a caring and nurturing place.

gms-1711089-inset-images9Chapel worship forms a regular part of our school routine. Through worship, we nurture spirituality in the Christian tradition and encourage girls to explore and reflect on Gospel values and their implications for the way they live. Through faith, Glennie girls are provided with a strong moral grounding that will serve them well in the choices they make during their life beyond school.

Middle and Senior Years girls gather for a chapel service once a week. Junior Years girls attend once a fortnight. These services are prepared to specifically meet the needs of the girls and are conducted by our School Chaplain and staff.

Each weekend during term time, the boarders meet for worship, either on Saturday evening or Sunday morning. Communion services are held every Tuesday morning before School for those who wish to attend. Sunday Family Communion services are held regularly throughout the year. All members of the Glennie Community are warmly welcomed and encouraged to attend. Special services are held throughout the year to mark important times on the Christian calendar as well as important events in the School calendar.

In addition to conducting regular services and religious education classes, the School Chaplain is available to provide personal spiritual guidance and is a cornerstone of the School’s pastoral care program.

Girls who wish to further fulfil their commitment to their Christian faith have the opportunity to be confirmed in the Anglican faith and assist the Chaplain at services.