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Pastoral Care

pastoralGlennie’s pastoral care philosophy has developed over a century of experience in caring for and cherishing the growth of each girl. Our pastoral care program is a cornerstone of our duty of care; to develop in Glennie girls the social, emotional and relationship skills that build resilience, strength of character and confidence. This care recognises that each girl is unique and has much to offer the student community and much to learn as she matures into a young woman. All girls are placed in a House group; Hale, Donaldson, Tufnell or Webber, which is led by a senior teacher, the Head of House.

The Head of House is a very important element of Glennie’s pastoral care structure, having the overall responsibility for the daily wellbeing of, and interaction with, the girls in the particular House group. The Head of House also interacts with the parents and guardians of the girls as appropriate. This does not exclude the care and attention provided by all her teachers, every day.

Within each House, each girl in Secondary School is placed in a Tutor Group led by a Tutor Teacher. Tutor Groups meet every morning to check off daily attendance and also deliver to the girls, important information about daily school requirements.

Subject teachers, Tutor teachers, the Chaplain, boarding house staff, Health Centre nurses and the Heads of House all play an important and active role in each girl’s health and welfare whilst at School.

A School Counsellor works with the School staff and provides a professional counselling service for girls as appropriate.