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Middle Years


For educational experiences that

positively guide her through

adolescence, Glennie Middle Years

is the best choice.

Glennie’s innovative Middle Years

program is specifically designed

to provide the opportunity for

girls in Years 7 to 9 to learn and

grow in ways that acknowledge

and respect this unique and special

time of adolescence.

Girls are encouraged to explore

their individuality as well as the

environment in which they live,

while expanding their skills and

learning through an engaging and

meaningful curriculum that includes

choice, real world experiences and

community service.

Included in the curriculum is the MFit


(Mind Fitness) Program which aims

to create an environment in which

students develop a positive sense

of self, a healthy relationship with

themselves, healthy relationships with

others, and a sense of belonging.

The Middle Years Program

provides age-appropriate support

to ensure a smooth transition into

the Senior Years.


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