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The Glennie School Prospectus | All She Can Be


For a primary education that

sets the foundations for their

future, Glennie Junior Years is

the best choice.


The Glennie Community

Kindergarten is a fun place for

girls and boys.

Kindergarten is an important year

where your child will establish the

foundations for future learning

and happiness. The program is

designed to achieve a smooth

transition into Prep for both boys

and girls although the programs

from Glennie Prep onwards

are only available to girls. The

Kindergarten is a part of the

Glennie School Junior Years and

the flexible play-based program

follows the Kindergarten Early

Years Learning Framework.


Glennie Prep is where your

daughter’s learning journey starts.

With gentle guidance, we

encourage our littlest Glennie

girls in an environment full of

friendships, learning experiences

and fun. Our program provides

genuine preparation for school,

using play based activities to

develop literacy, numeracy and

thinking skills.


From Years 1 to 6 the Glennie

Junior Years are where your

daughter’s love of learning grows.

Here, she’ll explore English,

maths, science and technology,

social sciences, languages, art,

drama, music, health and physical

education, personal development,

religious education and outdoor

education. She’ll also have the

opportunity to participate in a

lively co-curriculum that includes

a full sporting program, dance,

singing and music.

Extension activities are offered

to high achieving girls through




Glennie Junior Years

Performance Programs.

As your daughter moves into

Glennie secondary schooling,

she’ll take with her established

friendships and a sense of

security and belonging. She’ll

feel confidence in her academic

achievement and be eager to

embrace this exciting new step.

Junior Years