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The Glennie School Prospectus | All She Can Be



To develop in each Glennie girl the

intellectual, physical and spiritual

potential to be All She Can Be



Glennie girls are to be educated

to the highest academic standards

of which they are capable. In

addition, Glennie girls are to

be given the opportunities to

develop their sporting and cultural

talents through a rich, diverse and

relevant co-curricular program.

By achieving an understanding

of their own spiritual dimension,

Glennie girls will make a positive

contribution to the world with

a sense of their own worth and

character in addition to a well-

developed sense of citizenship.



The Christian faith


Our heritage






Respect and understanding
















Environmental sustainability


As a community where

tomorrow’s women learn

, Glennie

provides a dynamic learning

and living environment where

tomorrow’s women are encouraged

to develop their personal skills

founded on trust, integrity,

discipline and social responsibility

whilst engaged in learning,

reasoned thinking, innovative

programs and the community.

An all-girls atmosphere

allows safe risk taking, is

unbounded by notions of ‘girls

vs boys’, encourages academic

achievement and develops a

greater sense of connectedness

with the School and each other.

There is clear acknowledgement

that girls thrive in collaborative

teams, can participate at all

levels, celebrate achievement and

become leaders at many levels.

Our teachers are role models,

mentors and specialists at the

forefront of education innovation

from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Our focus is the growth of each

girl as a unique person within a

supportive system of care and

individual attention.

It is our commitment to her future

whilst offering her opportunities

to be

All She Can Be


, that

defines Glennie’s approach to

giving your daughter choices on

her journey to realising a happy

and successful life.


Established in 1908, The Glennie

School realises the vision of

Benjamin Glennie, a devout

Anglican priest who dedicated his

life to serving and caring for others.

It is Archdeacon Glennie’s own

qualities that inspire and resonate

within the Glennie community:

humility, service, Christian faith,

quiet strength, integrity and a

lifelong love of learning.


The ownership of The Glennie

School is vested in The Corporation

of the Synod of the Diocese of

Brisbane (Diocese) for which a

School Council of volunteers

operates as a delegated ‘agent’

through the Anglican Schools

Commission (ASC) which represents

the Diocese as the governing body.

The role of the School Council is

to join with the Head of School

in providing leadership to and

strategic oversight of the School

business through employing the

highest standards of corporate

governance and business conduct

consistent with the Aims and

Objectives of The School and the

Council Authority, Powers and

Duties provided by the School’s

Constitution. The Glennie School

Council is also responsible for

ensuring that the school’s vision,

mission and values are clearly

articulated and reflected in the

decisions it takes.