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The Glennie School Prospectus | All She Can Be


The Glennie School is a leading

school in its innovative use of

Information Technology and

commitment to its eSmart

endorsed cybersafety program

from Prep to Senior Years.

Our aim is to prepare the girls to

be confident and competent users

of technology, ready for a future of

connected and portable computing

and communication.

Technology is used to enhance

our curriculum as well as ensuring

that the girls are well equipped to

cope with emerging technologies

in an increasingly information-

based global society.

Girls are introduced to the use

of computers in Kindergarten.

From Prep onwards, the skill

development associated with

computer technology is integrated

into most subject areas.

From Year 5 girls use notebook

computers extensively for lessons,

homework and assignments. In

Years 7 and 8 girls undertake

our eLearning Practices course

aimed at fostering digital literacy.

From Year 10, girls can elect

to take courses in Information,

Digital Media and Technology

(IDMT), Business and Information

Technology Systems.